How far are you from the US/Canadian border?
Our base is located 105 miles east of International Falls, Minnesota, and 110 miles west of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

What items should we bring if you are outfitting us completely?
Make sure to bring insect repellent, sunscreen, personal items (such as clothes and rain gear), your camera and fishing gear (optional).

When should we arrive?
We recommend arriving one day before departing on your scheduled trip. This is necessary for a thorough check of your equipment and for proper trip planning. It also gives you a chance to unwind before starting your trip, allows you to enjoy a meal in our lakeside lodge.

What is the closest major airport?
The two closest airports are International Falls in Minnesota or Thunder Bay in Ontario. We offer shuttle van service from both locations.

How long is the drive from either airport?
Both airports are about two hours away.

Do I have to be experienced in camping or paddling?
No. Whether your group consists of beginners with absolutely no experience, or seasoned paddlers who have paddled the world, we can tailor a canoe trip to meet your level of experience.

How experienced are your guides?
All our guides have at least 15 years of experience in the park.

Do the outfitted packages offer a choice of food? Is it all freeze-dried food?
People are surprised at the wide variety of delicious food they can choose from for customized menu planning. Guests can select from seven different choices, including many international favorites, for each meal. Most of the food is fresh daily, however some of the longer trips require freeze-dried food toward the end of the trip.

How long are the portages?
Portages will vary from trip to trip. They are based on the length of your trip, and your overall experience.

What is the average trip length?
Most trips are between 4 and 7 days.

What if there’s an emergency? How do we contact the base?
Satellite phones are available from the base. If you decide not to take a satellite phone, you can contact us from the nearest ranger station.

What is the nicest time of year to go on a trip?
This depends on what you want to see and do on your trip. Usually, any time between mid May and mid September is beautiful.

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